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Why Connectedness? 

Feelings of disconnection and isolation are more prevalent in remote teams. It’s been scientifically proven that the more connected an employee feels to their work, colleagues, managers and the organisation they work for; the more improved their wellbeing and consequently, the more productive they are.

Dr Shane Hodgson, Head of Business Psychology at Unity

Understand what underpins the wellbeing of your remote teams.

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The survey focuses on four key components of connectedness, each based on research by virtual working expert and Unity’s Head of Business Psychology, Dr Shane Hodgson.

These are a sense of feeling connected to the Organisation, the Manager, the Co-workers and the Tasks. Briefly, these dimensions can be described as:

  • Connected to the Organisation – This refers to a sense of correspondence between my organisation’s values and my personal values, and a sense of connectedness to the mission of the organisation. There is also a sense of how much the organisation’s values align with global democratic values, and of the degree of alignment between my goals and those of the organisation.

  • Connected to my Manager – This refers to a belief that my Manager understands work life balance and work-home boundaries, and actively supports me in achieving balance. I feel that my Manager is interested in me as a person and as a professional, and that we can place trust in each other.

  • Connected to my Co-workers – I feel that my co-workers can be depended on, and that I am safe to share personal and family information. I also feel that I am encouraged to have social as well as work related interaction. My co-workers respond to me quickly, and I can trust them.

  • Connected to my Tasks – My work gives me a feeling of intellectual satisfaction, stimulation and challenge. I feel cheerful and full of life at work. I enjoy the freedom and flexibility of working remotely.

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