Protect the wellbeing of your remote teams with the science of connectedness.

Measure connectedness. Improve your remote working culture. Build stronger teams. Through our five key product features, we know how to help.

Connectedness KPI

The weekly connectedness score — out of 100 — highlights how every individual in your organisation is feeling. By asking just a few questions about feelings of connectedness and personal energy, our weekly pulse collects data on employees’ remote work experience, enabling leaders to be responsive to immediate issues or challenges.

The Five Rings

Our simple method to track employees’ feelings of connectedness and personal energy.

Real-time insights

Monitors and tracks the wellbeing of all remote workers across your organisation.

Remote Team Management 

Alongside the Connectedness KPI, we encourage teams to share their successes, frustrations, ideas and thank-yous. This function is crucial in the virtual environment as it provides managers with a weekly feedback look, helping them to establish the status of their remote teams, and take immediate action on any issues.

Management notifications

Alerting managers of the need to engage with a member of their team.

Employers’ duty of care

By recording managerial interventions, protect your employees from the likely causes of workplace stress.

A Culture Of Connectedness

Developed to more deeply understand employees’ remote working experience, our quarterly survey works with your Connectedness KPI to uncover practical insights and actions. Our detailed analytics help you plan and unpick the four key drivers of a connected culture that will enhance employee experience.

Scientifically-tested questions

Based upon the research of renowned, remote working expert Dr Shane Hodgson.

Industry benchmarks

We annually celebrate and accredit those organisations that are managing their remote teams best.

People Analytics

From your weekly connectedness score and team feedback to your quarterly in-depth survey, we monitor all aspects of your organisation’s remote working culture. Our intuitive dashboards record real-time data and actionable insights, helping you to identify issues while tracking the impact of your interventions.

Tailored dashboards 

Specifically designed for employees, managers and senior leaders, we present the information required.

Detailed reporting

To identify opportunities on where to focus resources, time and energy.

Expert Interventions

Developed by Dr Shane Hodgson, one of the UK’s leading remote working experts, our interventions are designed to help you build a healthier remote working environment. Work alongside our Unity Experts to review your results and identify opportunities for wellbeing interventions.

The latest thinking 

Incorporated into our dashboards is our evolving library of articles, videos, tips and case studies about remote working.

Unity practitioners

Our community of wellbeing experts help you to facilitate positive change at all levels in your organisation.