A Week With Unity

What is it like to use Unity? How does it support the working week? In the following you’ll read about a typical user’s experience of the platform; from setting aside a few minutes to reflect on how they’re feeling, to particpating in a Weekly Wellbeing Check-In.

A Little Background

Jemma is a sales assistant at one of the UK’s biggest marketing agencies. She recently joined the business and is delighted to have secured the remote working role, as it provides a great opportunity to work in an industry she’s energised by and the flexibility she needs to support her young family.

As part of Jemma’s on-boarding, her employer introduces her to their newly adopted wellbeing programme, designed to allow her to flourish in her new role.

A key part of the programme is delivered by the Unity platform, which will allow Jemma to safely share her working experience, contribute to operational change and develop her working relationships with her colleagues.

Jemma is enthused by the prospect of contributing in this way and shaping the working experience for herself and her colleagues.

Time for Reflection

It’s now Jemma’s first Friday morning, and she receives a reminder email from Unity, asking her to spend two minutes reflecting on how she’s feeling about her working experience that week.

Jemma logs into her account and completes the ‘Five-Ring’ survey, where she drags one ring over another to show how connected she’s feeling to the four key aspects of her working experience; work, team, manager and organisation. She’s also asked to share her level of personal energy.

A Note for the Manager

Having completed the ‘Five-Ring’ survey, Jemma then also takes up the option of sharing an idea with her manager.

Being that it’s her first week, she’s observed some opportunities to improve the onboarding process for remote hires. She chooses to share this idea anonymously, as she isn’t quite confident enough yet to share openly with the rest of her team.

The Weekly Wellbeing Check-In

The following Monday, Jemma’s manager invites her to the ‘Weekly Wellbeing Check-In’, a 15 minute meeting where the team’s wellbeing is the only item on the agenda. Having downloaded the Weekly Wellbeing Report, Jemma’s manager shares team scores, thank-you’s, successes and ideas; before conducting one-to-one sessions with anyone that’s shared a personal frustration.

Jemma feels energised by the meeting and far better understood and connected to the rest of her team. She feels recognised by her manager for sharing her idea of how to improve on-boarding. She also feels more confident about communicating openly with her team, who responded positively to her suggestion.

Her week is off to a flyer!