Measure connectedness, and improve remote team wellbeing.

By measuring how people are feeling and systematically collecting feedback, Unity provides managers with real-time insights on individuals, teams and organisations as they adapt to working remotely.

56% of employees believe that managers should update their skills to support a remote team.

Experts warn of ‘significant physical and mental wellbeing challenges’ for staff working remotely.

The research from LinkedIn’s Glint revealed that burnout doubled from March (2.7%) to April (5.4%) 2020.

Providing managers with the tools to improve the wellbeing of their remote teams.

Sceptics might think that the current trend towards remote or flexible working is a short term change to the way that we do business, brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. At Unity we think differently.

We are already seeing many businesses adapt to the ‘new norm’ and​ publicly state they will be implementing permanent remote working strategies. As more businesses do so, it is our conviction that tracking and improving remote workers’ sense of connectedness and consequently wellbeing, will be even more critical to organisational success.

And that is why we have built Unity. The first specialist employee wellbeing platform, designed to optimise the remote working experience and in turn collective wellbeing.

How does it work?

Our mission is to to improve the wellbeing of remote workers around the world, so that they feel more connected to their work, colleagues and organisational leaders. This is how we do it:


Take action

When managing team behaviour, change comes from regular, incremental improvements. Unity signposts employees and managers alike to resources to support improved remote team wellbeing.



Every week, remote teams receive a handful of questions concerning their wellbeing, that take about 2 minutes to answer.



Results are fed to a dashboard anonymously, where everyone is able to see the organisation’s remote connectedness and wellbeing KPIs. Managers have the ability to dig further into the data to discover valuable insights.

A bit about us.

Founded by Charlie Martin, Unity helps forward-thinking organisations understand their employees’ remote working experience and help them optimise management practices for improved wellbeing.

During our development, we have worked closely with numerous HR professionals, occupational psychologists and wellbeing consultants to shape the Unity platform, and ensure we engage employees and equip managers with the tools they need to effectively support their remote teams.

Asking the questions that matter the most to remote teams.

Our research has highlighted a number of new challenges for businesses when adapting to managing remote teams. In particular, we’ve identified an exact correlation between workers’ feelings of connectedness, their wellbeing and productivity.

Working alongside remote working experts in the fields of psychology, wellbeing and HR we’ve formulated the set of questions to ensure your teams are challenged on every important aspect of their remote working experience and wellbeing.


“In this new world many businesses are looking to capitalise on the opportunities remote working offers. This is going to make efforts to support and nurture remote teams crucial to organisational success. This is where Unity provides invaluable insights and actions to ensure remote team wellbeing is maintained.”

Dr Vikki Barnes
Wellbeing Consultant

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